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Mercer County is located along US Highway 67 and State Highways 17 & 94 in northwestern Illinois. Coast-to-coast transportation capacity is attainable by easy access to Interstates 74, 80 & 280 to the east & northeast.

The 300-mile market surrounding the county represents over 13% of the nation’s population. The area offers seven major US metropolitan areas: Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Omaha & St. Louis. Click here to learn more about Mercer County!

Mercer County is comprised of 11 population centers, and covers 569 square miles, with an overall population of 15,858. The county is considered part of the Quad Cities Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): Davenport-Moline-Rock Island, IA-IL MSA. Organized in 1825, Mercer County was named in honor of Hugh Mercer, a General in the American Revolution.

Enjoy our landscape of rich farmland dotted with wooded areas, lakes and streams. Discover our charming communities, and explore our unique festivals and attractions.

Each of our charming hometowns has a unique story to tell. Explore our communities, and experience what makes Mercer County a great place to come home to. Get more specific details about each of Mercer County’s hometowns by clicking on these links below –

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  • Community Statements – These are a reflection of what matters most to community members, built by resident feedback.
  • Community Synopsis – This includes a detailed community description, community statements and summarized community-specific survey results.

Mercer County - Community Health Resource Guide

Named after Revolutionary War hero General Hugh Mercer, Mercer County was chartered in 1835 as part of the old Northwest Territory and the Military Tract. Abraham Lincoln, as part of the militia in the Blackhawk War, marched through the county in 1832 and returned in 1834 to survey the town of New Boston.

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Aledo -

A stroll down Main Street or through its historic residential neighborhoods is an architectural history tour, as Aledo looks much like it did at the turn of the century. As the county seat, many of Mercer County’s 15,858 residents travel to Aledo for business and pleasure. More.

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Eliza -

Located in the northwest portion of Mercer County, the Eliza area offers immediate river access and a picturesque view of Bay Island. An agricultural community, the area features a strong social network via the Eliza Community Center. Read the Eliza Township newsletter here. - Tractor Drive Info

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Joy -

The Village of Joy stands at one of Mercer County’s highest points, with a quarter of its residents under the age of 18. Laid out in 1848, the village was originally named High Point before its post office was formally moved from a private residence into the village. Today Joy is home to The Boon Docks restaurant, one of Mercer County’s biggest modern day successes. Each summer Joy Fest attracts a large crowd to Joy Park, featuring a full Saturday of festivities. More.

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Keithsburg -

Fishing, boating and camping are deeply embedded in the culture of Keithsburg. Big River State Forest lies just four miles south of Keithsburg. The city holds Fish Fest in September, Fall Fest in October, and the Keithsburg Boat Club has held its widely popular Boat-In Breakfast every August since 1970. More.

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Matherville -

The railroad industry gave birth to Matherville in the late 1800s. As railcars roared by, George Mather sold articles to railroad workers, earning the town's namesake. Part of the Sherrard School District, Matherville Intermediate currently educates 230 5th and 6th grade students. Just 20 miles from Rock Island, many people enjoy country life - with a dose of convenience - in the Village of Matherville. More.

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New Boston -

A quaint town on the Mississippi River, New Boston was surveyed by Abraham Lincoln in 1834. Driven by agriculture, the town also features immediate river access via Lock and Dam #17. Whether it’s boating, fishing or camping, New Boston is a local favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. More.

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New Windsor -

Known for cowboys, broncs and saddles, the Village of New Windsor is a strong rural community offering the best of small town living. Nestled on the eastern edge of Mercer County, New Windsor is located on State Highway 17 and offers convenient access to both Galesburg and the Quad Cities. More.

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North Henderson -

Just under 200 people call this quaint farming village home. Known for its ball diamonds and annual livestock show, North Henderson provides quiet, country living. More.

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Preemption -

Located in the northern portion of Mercer County, the unincorporated community of Preemption contributes to the county’s third largest population area – Preemption Township, which features a total population of 1,783. Nestled on US Highway 67, Preemption is an agriculturally-driven community located 12 miles southwest of the Quad City Airport and 15 miles south of the metro Quad Cities.

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Seaton -

Seaton’s quaint downtown includes a post office, café, fire station & a new, state-of-the-art park playground thanks to SPARKS, a local grassroots effort. More.

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Sherrard -

Located in the northeast corner of Mercer County, Sherrard features small town life with a hint of the city. Just 15 miles from the Quad Cities, Sherrard is a popular bedroom of the QC. The village is home to the Fyre Lake community, which includes a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, tennis courts and a recreational lake. More.

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Viola -

Viola is located at the true ‘crossroads’ of Mercer County. Intersected by US Highway 67 and State Highway 17, Viola provides easy transportation access and a high quality of life. More

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